Think Yankton Has Had Interesting School Elections Lately? Check Out Mitchell’s School Board Race

No matter what your position has been in the last several Yankton School District elections, I think we could all agree that the characters and issues involved have made them quite interesting.

At times, we probably all questioned whether we were in an alternate reality where the normal rules of logic just don’t apply anymore.

Well, things here may very well pale in comparison to Mitchell, where Craig Guymon, a self-described “ole junk yard dog with a demanding bark that’s going to loudly air our community’s Culture of Deceit & Social Stink,” is, um, raising a stink.

In its story on a Tuesday School Board candidate forum titled, “Guyman Inflames School Board Forum With Pledge To Fire Superintendent,” the Mitchell Daily Republic reports:

Mitchell school board candidate Craig Guymon delivered on his promise to “light the room up” at the Mitchell Board of Education candidates’ forum Tuesday at Mitchell Technical Institute.

Dressed in a camouflaged T-shirt and cap, Guymon delivered an opening statement that set a theme: “I believe the control freak Joe Graves needs to be fired.” Guymon, nearly shouting at times, said he was taking the opportunity to exercise his First Amendment rights. Guymon used every opportunity during the meeting to criticize Superintendent Graves’ leadership.

About 80 people gathered to hear incumbents Neil Putnam and Theresa Kriese debate the issues with challengers Ed Potzler, a retired software engineer, and Guymon.

I honestly know next to nothing about the ins and outs of the Mitchell School District and Guymon’s history with it. (Guymon is also not a big fan of the Mitchell Daily Republic.) But I will say that, for better or for worse, Guymon adds an entertainment value to the school board race that the other candidates do not. (You really do owe it to yourself to check out the video of the forum here to get the full effect of Guymon’s personality.)

Want to know more about Guymon? He’s done you a favor and written “The Book of Guymon.”

On a serious note, I offer some free, if unsolicited, advice to Mr. Guymon (who will probably lump me in with the biased readers) : You may very well have legitimate issues with the Mitchell School District and, in particular, its superintendent. At the very least, I have no doubt you are being true to your beliefs. But the way in which you are delivering your message pretty much guarantees that your audience either isn’t going to listen or won’t take you seriously — even thought they might find you entertaining.

But maybe that’s how you prefer it.

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