The (Un)Forgotten Girl

Stuck in the street where the ambulances roam.
I can barely hear you speak as they begin to wail.
They rush to meet a patient they’ve never seen.
He’s known you all your life, and that makes it sting.
Is he coming for you?

I can’t see your face. I only have your voice.
But I picture you looking lost so many years ago.
You’re back in school. Beautiful in youth. Your heart starts to race and your head is hanging low.
He’s forgotten again. It doesn’t surprise you.
You’re all alone.

Here and now, the sirens won’t stop echoing in your head.
A sickness comes over you, the one that’s been so close all day.
I wish I could reach you. I wish I could put that fear to rest.
“You’re not alone now. I wouldn’t let that happen again.”
But all I can do is send an image through the phone.

“Here is my hand, love. It won’t let you go …”

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