A Sign You Are Getting Old

I had a sign during this past weekend that I am getting old.

I fell in the shower for no particular reason. Had an audience been able to ignore the fact that I was, of course, wearing my birthday suit, I think it would have found the whole thing hilarious. It was an elaborate affair with flailing arms, futile attempts to stop the fall, a thankfully non-painful landing on my back and, ultimately, laughter.

In other words, no broken hips to report on this old fart of 33.

To be fair, I was in an unfamiliar shower.

A friendly note to all: Make sure to find your feet in a new shower space before getting really crazy and trying to … well, I wish I could remember what it was I was trying to do when I fell.

Speaking of signs I am getting old …

(Sorry for the sporadic updates of late. Demands at the newspaper and the family farm, not to mention a brief excursion to Cleveland, have left me with little time and/or energy to blog. Thanks for continuing to visit this space. Hopefully, things will settle down later this month and allow me more time with you!)

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