A Dum, Icky Awesome Time: Maha Music Festival 2012

I attended the Maha Music Festival in Omaha this past weekend. It’s the third time I’ve been lucky enough to be present for the annual event.

This year’s line-up included headliners Garbage and Desaparecidos.

But I was most excited to see Icky Blossoms, an Omaha electronic dance band that put out its debut album earlier this year. In fact, my brother and I were both in agreement that they were the band we were most looking forward to despite many other highlights in the line-up. We’ve been listening to their album non-stop.

It turns out that our excitement was justified.

By the time the Icky Blossoms broke into their second song of the set, “Sex to the Devil” (which is just as seductive as it sounds), the crowd was going nuts. It was a full-fledged dance party under a light rain. The band joked several times that they were “rain gods.”

I took a break from dancing to catch footage of the Icky Blossoms playing their first single, “Babes.”

One of the real pleasures of the day-long music festival in Stinson Park was watching Icky Blossoms bassist Saber Blazek play. The man is possessed when the music gets going, and it’s hard not to follow him into that zone. (He is the animated gentleman on the left in the above video.)

Here is the most recent video from Icky Blossoms. It’s for one of my favorite tracks (and Saturday’s set closer), “Perfect Vision.”

When you start hearing Icky Blossoms music all over the place, remember you heard about them here first. They ignited an energy in the crowd at Maha that, quite frankly, no other band replicated.

Dee Dee of the Dum Dum Girls at the 2012 Maha Music Festival.

My second-favorite act of the day was The Dum Dum Girls.

I’ve been listening to the band for the last three years. They do their gauzy dream pop very well, but they hadn’t risen to the top of my playlists.

After seeing them live, I can tell you I’ll be listening to a lot more of them.

They aren’t the most animated of bands live, but they are beautiful enough that a little swaying can go a long way.

My favorite song of the set was “Coming Down,” which is off their upcoming EP “Only in Dreams.”

I didn’t record any footage of them Saturday, but this video pretty much replicates what I saw (down to the same outfits!).

Here is the official video for the song:

Other highlights of the day included:

— Icky Blossom Derek Presnall letting his little girl sing the “ABC Song” at the close of her set. It was a little surreal hearing an entire crowd sing their ABC’s;

— Rain starting to fall just as Garbage closed their set with “Only Happy When It Rains.” Lead singer Shirley Manson called it a “precious moment” and claimed it had never happened before.

— Desaparecidos ripping through their new song, “Left is Right.”

— The sets of Eli Mardock and The Conduits, though I think The Conduits would have benefited from playing in the dark rather than 1 in the afternoon.

For complete coverage of the Maha Music Festival, check out Kevin Coffey’s article for the Omaha World-Herald here and L. Kent Wolgamott’s story for the Lincoln Journal-Star here.

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