A Zombie Santa Claus, The Plague And An Australian Serial Killer — A Halloween Entertainment Guide Just For You

It’s Halloween.

You want some Halloween-themed entertainment.

Not to worry. I’m here to help. I only ask for a bite of your brains in return.

First, I offer you “Mr. Frosty Man” because you’re mad that Christmas displays are already up. This will help bridge your Halloween-Christmas gap. Warning, this is some graphic claymation. Beware of the Santa Claus zombie.

I’m really looking forward to the release of the new Crystal Castles album. Their music infects me like the plague, but my symptoms are not quite as bad as those the lady suffers from in this video for “Plague.” Creepy.

If you’re looking for some Midnight Madness tonight, I would suggest “Beyond the Black Rainbow.” Conveniently, the film is streaming on Netflix. It’s not about storyline. It’s about atmosphere. I’ve watched it three times now — and always late at night without any lights. That’s the way it is meant to be seen. The film is visually stunning and definitely takes me back to 1983 … Oh, and the soundtrack is brilliant.

If you’d rather watch something closer to reality that will creep you out to your core, Netflix streaming offers “The Snowtown Murders.” It’s based on an actual Australian serial killer who doesn’t hunt alone. He likes to have company. Like I said, this is quite unnerving, and it’s well done.

A perennial Halloween favorite of mine is the Doctor Who episode, “Blink.” It’s ingenious in that it takes a very ordinary object in our daily lives and makes it absolutely terrifying. Plus, this episode stars the lovely and talented Carey Mulligan. This is also streaming on Netflix.

“Kill List” is unique in that its characters are made really three-dimensional before everything goes terribly wrong. Perhaps it helps that the main characters are middle-aged and not teenage cliches. I really enjoyed this and was reminded a bit of the original “Wicker Man.”

And do I really need to mention the brilliant “Cabin in the Woods,” which I had the pleasure of viewing again last night? Funny, smart and a little scary — this film is a horror geek’s fantasy.

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