‘This Is What Football Is All About’

I was greeted this morning with the announcement of a new video from Hot Chip.

Watching it unfold, I was filled with great joy. Hot Chip has always been a fun, as well as socially and politically conscious, band. For their song “Don’t Deny Your Heart” they show us what football is all about. Who am I to argue?

Thanksgiving weekend proved to be a fruitful time for music video releases.

Eli Mardock is among my favorite Nebraska musicians. He is formerly of Eagle Seagull, a Lincoln, Neb., band that put out some great music before calling it quits. I’m really looking forward to Mardock’s full solo album that is supposed to be released next year.

“Cut Me Open” is a beautiful, pained song. The video is appropriately sad and cinematic.

The Chromatics know how to set a mood, and they do so perfectly with their new song “Cherry.” The end of a relationship is in sight because “I can’t keep crying all of the time …”

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