Doing The ‘Danse Macabre’ With The Faint

Whenever I’m looking to stay warm on a cold December night, nothing heats things up faster than The Faint.

My brothers and I used to be able to count on a Faint concert almost every holiday season, and it became an annual tradition for us. However, The Faint slowed down and eventually went on hiatus.

With their reformation this year, we were excited to see the old tradition would be revived. On Friday night, they didn’t disappoint.

Two great bands opened for The Faint at Sokol Auditorium in Omaha. One of my favorite new bands this year — and Omaha natives — Icky Blossoms kicked things off with an energetic set that was marred only by a muddy sound mix. Still, their great tunes and energy prevailed, and they were able to jumpstart the crowd.

Next, it was Toronto’s enigmatic electro-goth group Trust. They didn’t have the diversity of the Icky Blossoms set, but the steady beats reminiscent of early Depeche Mode and other dark members of the New Wave hit a sweet spot with me. Robert Alfons’ voice sounds alternatively like a menacing German robot or a creepy lady from a David Lynch film. I mean that as a compliment.

But the stars of the evening were The Faint, who turned the crowd into a pulsating, sweaty mess. From my perch on the balcony, I was able to appreciate just what a frenzy the band created. They opened with “Wet From Birth” gem “Desperate Guys” and played several other popular tracks before embarking on the dark, stylish and — most of all — fun journey through their 2002 classic “Danse Macabre.”

The crowd went wild for every last one of those nine tracks. There is no question the album has stood the test of time.

After about two hours — the longest I ever recall The Faint playing — the concert closed with a rollicking rendition of “Paranoiattack.” I’m not sure the crowd could have handled another song. Did I mention how hot it was in the auditorium? And what a sweaty mess the crowd was?

It was an amazing time. My thanks goes out to The Faint, Icky Blossoms and Trust for what was certainly my concert of the year. Wow.

I captured a couple Faint tracks and will try to get my Icky Blossoms and Trust videos posted later:

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