New Year’s Eve Will Be A Zany Night In Yankton

Z Punching Z

Bob Zany gets schooled by Zan Aufderheide. Both will be in Yankton on New Year’s Eve.

I didn’t know what comedy was until I stumbled upon “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

It was with Monty Python that I felt I found my sense of humor. Everything before that was bland in comparison.

I remember that after becoming familiar with the Pythons and the other British comedies I found on PBS like “Are You Being Served,” “The Young Ones” or “Alexei Sayle’s Stuff,” I didn’t watch many American sitcoms anymore. I just didn’t think they were funny. Maybe all that British comedy made me develop a stiff upper lip — or perhaps I just became a British snob.

It wasn’t until later that I found where many of the greatest American comics were hiding. It was on premium cable, which I didn’t have at the time. I still rank Bill Hicks as my favorite stand-up comedian of all time. He may not have been one of Plato’s philosopher kings, but he was definitely a philosopher comedian who used laughter as a way to expand people’s minds. I feel Doug Stanhope is on that same wavelength.

But all this chatter about comedy is really just a lead up to why I’m really excited about New Year’s Eve. I will be seeing Bob Zany, a guy who has been doing comedy for more than 30 years. He is a professional and a true entertainer.

Along with him will be Zan Aufderheide, a very intelligent up-and-coming female comedian from Indianapolis.

I had the pleasure of visiting with both of them last week for a story that appeared in the Press & Dakotan Friday. As we all know, Yankton doesn’t get many comedians, so when this caliber of talent comes to town we need to take advantage of it. Sure, it may end in tears, but at least they will be tears of laughter. What better way to start the year?

Here is a link to my story. I may be biased, but I think it’s a good way to get to know the people behind the comedy. It also has all the requisite show information.

Curious what you are in for if you go to Minervas Monday?

Kevin Nealon (yes, THAT Kevin Nealon) had Zany on his show. (Warning, there is some mature content.)

And here is a clip of Aufderheide. (Warning: She is very energetic and will probably make you want a cup of coffee because you feel so lethargic in comparison.)

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