As Big As A Beatles Reunion: A Look At 2013’s Album Releases

DepecheModeHeavenWe are on the verge of something big here, ladies and gentlemen.

I mean HUGE.

Some major musical stars are aligning. To convey my excitement in a way that the general populace can understand, it’s pretty much as if John Lennon and George Harrison reappeared on the human plane and got the Beatles back together. That would be big, huh?

So then you understand the level of excitement I have about the potential of this year — a very lucky 13, I hope — when it comes to music.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll re-state it here for the record. My five favorite bands of all time are: Depeche Mode, The Cure, Suede, Ween and Placebo.

I found all of them during my teens, and they were crucial pieces of my development. Music can change a person’s life, right? I’ve always answered with a resounding YES. Those bands played a part in changing my life, and I will always love them for that.

Well, three of my top five bands are releasing new records this year.

Depeche Mode has dropped a new single, and the album “Delta Machine” will become available March 26.

Suede broke up in 2003 and have now announced that, after playing live shows for the last several years, they will release “Bloodsports” on March 18. Two of my favorite bands of all time dropping new albums within two weeks of each other!?

Placebo has said it will put out a new album this year, too.

(I’m skeptical The Cure will be surprising fans with a new album in 2013. They have just announced a tour of South America, though, so they are still plenty active. And, sadly, Ween broke up in 2012, but one-half of the original duo, Dean Ween, has said he plans to put out a solo album this year.)

As you see, I’ve got a lot of reasons to be excited about 2013. If you don’t hear much from me this year, it’s because I’m busy listening — and hopefully growing.

Here are some other albums that are among my most anticipated:

Some would argue that My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” was the most important album released in 1991 (versus a certain Nirvana record). Yesterday, they surprised everyone by releasing their first new album since 1991 with very little official notice. I’m still digesting it.

I am still surprised by just how otherworldly The Knife is after more than a decade of existence. Their album “Shaking the Habitual” comes out in April. (This video is not safe for work, by the way.)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds can be hit and miss with me, but the two tracks I’ve heard from the album “Push the Sky Away” — coming out later this month — have me really excited to check out the rest of it.

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