If I’m Lucky, My Cell Phone Might Interrupt This Meeting (Gangnam Style)

When fate calls, what will your ringtone be?

I don’t have any funny stories about my cell phone going off in a meeting. I keep it on “silent” all day every day, which is why I might have missed your call. Sorry!

But a lack of personal experience has never stopped me from writing about something.

Thus, I share with you the two following stories, and ask you to make a character-defining choice after the tales are told.

Here goes …

I was at a meeting a few weeks ago with a lot of business owners, and a prominent local leader was speaking to them about some shared interests. She did a great job.

But several minutes into her presentation, we heard a familiar tune (that has over a billion views on YouTube!):

Everyone looked at me.

I gave them the, “Wait a minute, there is no way in HELL ‘Gangnam Style’ would be my ringtone” look.

But even I was confused for a moment, because the sound was close enough that it could have been my phone.

Instead, we soon learned that it was the speaker’s phone. What a relief!

She apologized. Everyone laughed. The presentation proceeded.

The second story involves me only in a periphery, but still very crucial, sense.

Earlier this week, I was listening to one of my favorite weekly podcasts, “Sound Opinions.” As part of a regular feature on the show, host Greg Kot selected the Betty Davis song, “If I’m Lucky, I Might Get Picked Up,” as a song he would want with him on a desert island.

Davis has some sexy swagger in her music, and although I’m not usually into much blues/funk, I found myself checking out her 1970s albums.

Being the nice guy I am, I didn’t want to keep this treasure for myself. I shared it with my girlfriend. I don’t know what guy wouldn’t share Betty Davis with his girlfriend.

Unfortunately, she agreed with Davis’ critics and found her voice too raspy and overblown to be enjoyable. To each their own, I guess.

However, Davis would have the last laugh.

The GF was in planning meeting with some doctors when, for some reason, her phone malfunctioned and started playing “If I’m Lucky, I Might Get Picked Up.”

Oh yeah, now that is a mood-setter for a professional meeting!

When I pictured that opening groove suddenly interrupting the meeting, I had to laugh. People must have been thinking, “Finally! This meeting just got interesting. Lay some more of that funk on me, doc.” That’s how doctors usually talk, right?

Of course, she didn’t think it was funny at all. She said, and I quote, she is going to have to “beat” me for my involvement in the scandal. (For those worried about my well-being, I can assure you this was a figurative expression and not one of intent.) I had to laugh again. It reminded me of another Davis tune, “He Was a Big Freak,” where she sings, “I used to beat him with a turquoise chain!”

Wow. You guys are learning way more about me than you wanted to know.

Here is how I tried to ease her mind: I shared with her the “Gangnam Style” story, and said I personally would much rather have my phone interrupt a meeting with Betty Davis than Psy.

I think Davis says to people, “I’m someone who is pretty cool, cuz I listen to a somewhat obscure funk diva from the 70s, and, yeah, I saw you starting to gyrate to that groove before I got it shut off. You’ve got to admit, it’s seductive and awesome.”

When people hear Psy, it more like, “Ha. That’s funny. Did your kid hijack your phone and time this to go off during the meeting as a joke?” (I just want to clarify that is not what I thought about the person this happened to, but a writer needs to take some artistic license in an attempt to be funny!)

I’m pretty sure my infallible logic on this matter eased the GF’s mind. I know it eased mine.

So, at the end of the day, would you go with Davis or Psy?

Any other dream ringtones you would want to interrupt a meeting?

2 thoughts on “If I’m Lucky, My Cell Phone Might Interrupt This Meeting (Gangnam Style)

  1. Was at a wedding a few years back and a phone rang. Pastor stopped and said, “I’ve always wanted to do this.” He then pointed in the direction of the offending ringer and said, “That had better be God.”

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