Hard News Tip: Yankton Sculpture Was A Big ‘Wiener’ … Uh, Winner!

As ice and snow accumulated in Yankton last week, many people wanted to give Mother Nature a “one-finger salute” for letting winter intrude on their spring.
However, one Yankton household decided to erect a different part of the human anatomy in response to the weather.
An estimated 6-foot penis was carved out of snow in the 1000 block of Cedar Street and saluted both Mother Nature and anyone else who happened to pass by late last week.
Unfortunately, I was in Washington, D.C., at the time, where highs were around 90 degrees and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. I know your sympathy cards are in the mail.
I spoke to an eyewitness who first spotted the “head” of the sculpture at the Eighth Street and Cedar Street intersection.
Realizing she had a hot news tip, the woman proceeded north for a better view and, of course, photos.


This snow sculpture, artfully referred to by some as “Emerging Spring,” briefly stood in Yankton last week.

“It was ridiculous,” she told me, noting the size of the sculpture and the attention to detail that was obviously put into its creation. “I thought it was an amazing piece of art. I really wanted to touch it, but then I thought that might look weird.”
It’s not clear when the work was massaged from the snow in the residential neighborhood, but witnesses said it had stamina and began to attract a lot of traffic as word spread of its existence.
However, some observers made no bones about their distaste for the sculpture.
At 4:22 p.m. Friday, the Yankton Police Department received a complaint about an obscene object made out of snow.
The situation climaxed when the sculpture was destroyed by its maker, according to the police log.
No details were available as to whether the act was done with the stroke of an ax, the blow of a hammer or by some other means.


A second blog reader submitted this photo, which shows the sculpture in a different vein.

13 thoughts on “Hard News Tip: Yankton Sculpture Was A Big ‘Wiener’ … Uh, Winner!

  1. a friend of mine sent this to my email … explaining that google maps now describes her address as ‘the house north of the penis on the prairie’ …

  2. too funny 🙂 sad though that people are that immature to complain to police services to have it taken down. its anatomy, its made out of snow, its funny and not harming anyone. Personally I would have made the female bits, cause Mother Nature sure is being a c*nt 😉

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