Delving Into A ‘Big Deal’ Of A Mystery

You’ve probably never heard of Big Deal.

And you’re probably thinking, “Big deal!”

On their first album, “Lights Out,” Alice Costelloe and Kacey Underwood played two guitars and shared vocal duties. Many of the songs focused on matters of love. It was very earnest and endearing, and I immediately got interested in the band.

My favorite song was “Talk.” (It has some NSFW lyrics.)

Big Deal is releasing a new album called “June Gloom” in, well, June. Judging from the two songs released so far, they’ve left the two-guitar formula behind and gone for a 90s alternative rock, sometimes shoegaze sound that is like music crack to a teen of the 90s like myself. It hits a lot of sweet spots.

One of the songs released is called “In Your Car.”

Among the lyrics are, “I’ve got a friend who never lets me down.”

This gets bells going off in my head, and reminds me of this:

I’m taking a ride
With my best friend
I hope he never lets me down again
He knows where he’s taking me
Taking me where I want to be
I’m taking a ride
With my best friend

That’s Depeche Mode’s “Never Let Me Down Again”:

So in my mind, “In Your Car” is some sort of nod to Depeche Mode! Makes total sense, right!?

Well, it may seem like a stretch.

But, it is worth pointing out that Big Deal is on Mute Records, a label that Depeche Mode was on for three decades. It’s quite possible Big Deal are Depeche Mode fans sending faint signals to fellow fans astute enough to pick up the wavelength.

I’m not crazy, right? I’m just very astute. Right!?


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