Buried In Laughter: Aziz Ansari Offers Thoughts On Marriage, Kids During Omaha Show

Aziz Ansari stopped at the Omaha Music Hall Thursday as part of his "Buried Alive" tour.

Aziz Ansari stopped at the Omaha Music Hall Thursday as part of his “Buried Alive” tour.

Aziz Ansari is 30 and single.
He shared those vital statistics early on with the audience at the Omaha Music Hall Thursday night during a stop on his “Buried Alive!” tour.
“Buried Alive” could very well refer to what Ansari thinks happens after people get married or have kids. More precisely, it’s what he is afraid could happen if one chooses to erect either one of those two pillars. They can just as easily fall down on top of you, after all.
If you don’t know Ansari, it’s time to change that. He was part of the hilarious “Human Giant” team that sadly only had a sketch show on MTV2 for two seasons. He is also a regular character on NBC’s “Parks and Rec,” and has had roles in many films.
The one common denominator in Ansari’s work is that he almost always makes me laugh. He’s confident yet self-deprecating, and he can do things with his voice alone that crack me up.
So, as I was saying, Ansari is 30, single and has some serious(-ly funny) questions about why people would get married and have kids.
“How long did you know each other before you got married?” he asked the audience. “Five years?” Applause followed from those who had five years under their belt before getting married. He continued down to two years, stopped and looked at the crowd incredulously before laughing: “We’re all laughing at you (people who knew each other less than two years) cuz you’re going to get a divorce!” he said. “Why would you do that?”
He noted he had maintained longer relationships with sweaters and thrown them out after realizing they were no good.
Still, despite all the brazen talk, it felt to me that Ansari is a bit of a romantic underneath it all. That’s probably due to his views on people sending nude photos to one another. I’ll leave it at that. Tantalizing, I know.
Of course, a man of Indian descent (but who grew up in South Carolina) in the heart of Huskerland couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming whiteness of the crowd. Ansari joked that it may be slightly offensive that a bunch of white people were laughing at a man of color on stage.
However, he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.
Ansari put on a great show. My friends and I gave up a lot of laughs, and that’s good medicine under any circumstances. Thanks, Aziz!

Kevin Coffey of the Omaha World-Herald actually took notes during last night’s performance, so his review is a little more thorough. Read it here.

Coffey’s description of Ansari’s style is accurate:

Ansari’s style is to take regular topics and turn them completely absurd. A story about visiting his family in India segued into a bit about sex and robots. Another about online dating turned into a joke about gay sex and then later into being a superhero.

Whenever he started taking it to a silly place, Ansari would often smirk as if he knew how absurd it all was.

For a taste of Ansari’s “Buried Alive!” material, check out this interview on “Conan”:

Learn more about Ansari here.

Moshe Kasher, who opened for Ansari, was also quite funny. This has some NSFW language.

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