Top 10 Suede Songs: A Rebuttal To ‘Stereogum’

“I know a girl/She walks the asphalt world/She comes to me/I supply her with ecstasy …

Suede in 1993.

My love of Suede has been chronicled previously on this site, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I visited “Stereogum” last week and found they had done a thoughtful write-up on the band and proceeded to name their 10 best songs.

Of course, I took issue with some of their selections.

So, I’m offering my own top 10 list — knowing full well that I’ll probably take issue with my own list tomorrow. (For example, I’ve listed nothing off their brilliant new album, “Bloodsports,” nor have I included “My Dark Star.” Unforgivable.)

First, read the wonderful Stereogum piece here.

Then listen to my counter list of top 10 songs. You’ll be a Suede fan in no time.


10. Heroine

Fans of Lord Byron will recognize the opening line:

9. By The Sea

“It’s by the sea we’ll bleed …”

8. Stay Together

“Come to my house tonight/We can be together in the nuclear sky …” (Seek out the full version rather than this edit for the maximum amount of dark romance.)

7. Breakdown

Poignant question: “Does your love only come/Does your love only come/Does he only come in a Volvo?”

6. Killing of a Flashboy

“Shaking obscene like killing machines here we go …”

5. Sleeping Pills

“Oh angel, don’t take those sleeping pills/You don’t need them/Though it’s just time they kill …”

4. Saturday Night

“Whatever makes her happy on a Saturday night …”

3. The Living Dead

“Oh, what will you do alone? Cuz I have to go …”

2. The Wild Ones

“We’ll shine in the morning and sin in the sun …”

1. Asphalt World

“Sometimes they fly from the covers to the winter of the river/For these silent stars of the cinema/It’s in the blood stream, it’s in the liver …”

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