The Case Of The Accidental Mooning

You’ve heard of “Northern Exposure.”

Well, this is a case of southern exposure.

The Yankton Police Department received a call Wednesday afternoon that a man was exposing himself in public. According to the complainant, the individual was baring his backside on his front porch.

Police contacted the man, who stated that he had been carrying an air conditioner. While he was setting it down, he said his pants had also fallen down.

That’s referred to in some parts as air conditioning the old-fashioned way.

Police were satisfied with the man’s answer and took no further action. However, the complainant might want to give this gentleman the gift of suspenders before he accidentally bares all again!

3 thoughts on “The Case Of The Accidental Mooning

  1. You make all this look so easy. Imaginative layout, clever graphics. Pithy editing. I’ve been studying WordPress Support for a couple of weeks in the hope of starting my blog about The Art of Clouds. WordPress Support might just as well be written in Welsh. [Give me an aircraft or car manual and I’ll read it like a novel but this computer stuff just loses me at page one.] Bummer. Guess I’m stuck at simple pages with no graphics or images, which is no good for my new project. At least I have your work to entertain me, so keep up the good work!

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