Try Solving The Mystery Of ‘Upstream Color’

I guarantee you’ve never seen a story of love like that in the Shane Carruth film “Upstream Color.”

With elements of parasites, pigs, “Walden” and more — it is a mysterious love story that has stuck with me like no other film experience this year. I’ve little doubt that it will make my top 10 list in January.

It is now streaming on Netflix Instant. If you are in the mood for a film that puzzles and enthralls you at the same time, “Upstream Color” will  offer you many rewards.

The insightful Scott Tobias wrote:

As with Primer, it’s not important—or even possible—to grasp everything that happens in Upstream Color on first viewing, though in both cases, Carruth clearly has them both fully worked out. It’s a movie that calls on a more intuitive response from the audience—in that sense, it owes a debt to fellow Texan Terrence Malick—and it’s best just to feel the story as it unfolds, to recognize the depth of Seimetz and Carruth’s connection without needing to have it explained. Imagine an entire romantic subplot cut together with the elliptical cool of the hotel scene in Steven Soderbergh’s Out Of Sight, and that’s reasonably close to how it plays out, minus the sci-fi contortions.


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