Recent Movies That Make Rainbows And Unicorns Shoot Out Of My Eyes

You know I watch a lot of films. A LOT of films.

But it’s only every once in a while that I come across a film that stops me in my tracks and causes rainbows and unicorns to shoot out of my eyes in utter amazement.

Well, that happened to me twice in the last week. I feel pretty darn lucky.

The first film to wow me was “Post Tenebras Lux” or, “After Darkness Light.” It’s the latest feature from Mexican director Carlos Reygadas. He last blew me away with “Silent Light.”

Reygadas is one of those rare directors who gives every image a kind of spiritual weight that is hard to put into words. It’s magical in that way.

Check out the trailer:

OK, before you rent this (because it’s now available on DVD), let me give you the heads up so you don’t get mad at me. This probably isn’t the film you’re going to make popcorn for on family night. It’s not particularly concerned about a narrative (as far as I could gather), and it has some truly strange things take place. If you’re up for that kind of experience, you are in for a treat. But if not, to each their own!

The next film I saw was the Lithuanian sci-fi masterpiece “Vanishing Waves.” It’s an intoxicating visual experience. This movie has a more concrete narrative than “Post Tenebras Lux,” but you may get so caught up in the cinematography and sound that you won’t much care if you are into the story.

People often mention Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Solaris” and Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” when describing this film. That happens for good reason, and by no means detracts from the originality of “Vanishing Waves.”

Much of this movie, which is available on DVD, takes place in the mind, and we know that can be a sensual place. That’s my way of warning you that this trailer is NSFW:

I also want to mention “Prince Avalanche.” I’ve long been a fan of director David Gordon Green — ever since he emerged with “George Washington.” He made a great run of small, powerful indie films before doing “Pineapple Express” and some other more Hollywood fare.

This film is a return to those indie roots. It’s not the visual spectacle that the aforementioned films are, but I found the story and characters resonated long after the credits (which is why I watched it twice!). You can currently catch this film on VOD.

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