This Shot (Of Flu) Is For You

Atlanta Stahle, 9, of Mitchell, reacts as Anna Simons, a registered nurse, gives her a flu shot Tuesday afternoon at the Corn Palace in Mitchell. (Photo by Sean Ryan/The Daily Republic and can be found at

If you had seen me get my flu shot Wednesday, I’m sad to say you wouldn’t have found much drama in the proceedings.

I was a big boy and didn’t even flinch when the needle entered my arm. I was just sad when I didn’t get a sucker for my good behavior.

Right afterward, I picked up the Mitchell Daily Republic and saw the photo to the right. My heart immediately went out to this girl getting her flu shot and evidently not caring for the experience. It’s a great photo that captures so much emotion.

While I remained stoic during my shot, I am a bit afraid of having a similar look upon my face today.

Last year, I had a surprise bout of mild sickness the day after the shot. I’m not going to go into any detail for your sake, but I will say it caught me by surprise and I’m sure a lightning bolt of shock swept across my face in the moment I realized what was happening.

Ah, the memories.

I just hope I don’t create any fresh memories this year …

Oh yeah — get your flu shot. Your mom told me to remind you. 🙂

2 thoughts on “This Shot (Of Flu) Is For You

  1. Nice try, Nathan! My nurse of a mother would tell you to remind me too; however, I make the personal choice year after year to not get a flu shot, thanks to my massive amounts of research on its controversial effectiveness, not to mention the plethora of negative consequences associated with it. So as my teenage daughter would say, “thanks, but I’m good.” 🙂

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