A Jerk In Austin Meets Singer Kelly Hogan

I recently spent nearly a week in Austin, Texas.

This is how I felt about the city:


This refreshing drink was served up at the Eastside Cafe in Austin. Truth be told, I felt a lot of love in the city.

I was in Austin for the Austin City Limits Music Festival, or ACL for short.

More on that later.

On the night prior to the festival getting under way, I saw that Kelly Hogan was playing at The Mohawk.

I first got to know Hogan when I saw Neko Case play in Omaha several years ago. She was a a backup singer, but provided many laughs as she bantered with Case and the crowd.

Hogan also has a solo career and released the album “I Like To Keep Myself In Pain” last year.

Take a listen to one of the tracks:

As I was hanging out before the show, I looked up from talking with my friends and noticed Hogan was at the bar. Instead of doing something dumb, like thinking, I just got up and went to say hi.

“It’s Kelly, right?”

I just wanted to double check. It was.

“I came out to see you tonight and wanted to say hi and wish you luck. You’re really great.”

“Hey, thanks. What’s your name?”

“Nathan Johnson.”

“For a moment there, I thought you said Navin Johnson and this night was going to get a WHOLE lot more interesting,” she said and laughed as we clinked our drinks.

How did she know this is me every morning when I pick up the Press & Dakotan?

Like I said, Hogan has a great sense of humor in addition to a great voice.

She put on a wonderful show at The Mohawk.

If you want to hear Hogan and Case sing, as well as exercise their comedic chops, I highly recommend this hilarious episode of “Wits.”

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