Showing In Yankton (75 Years Ago): ‘Marihuana — Weed With Roots In Hell!’


This tantalizing movie ad appeared in the Press & Dakotan in 1938.

While going through issues of the Press & Dakotan from 75 years ago, my editor came across this ad for “Marihuana — Weed With Roots In Hell!”

Had you been in Yankton during 1938, this may very well have been your horror film of choice.

What kid could resist the temptation of “wierd (sic) orgies, wild parties and unleashed passions?”

If we are to believe the film propaganda, and those are the worst results of marijuana use, it’s no wonder that a solid majority of Americans today believe pot should be legalized. Am I right?

If you think you’ve got what it takes to endure the horrors this film depicts, check out the trailer here:

You can even watch the entire film here:

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