An Inland Voyage’s Top 10 Songs Of 2013


Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream. The band made one of An Inland Voyage’s favorite songs of 2013.

The close of 2013 is approaching, which means it’s one of my favorite seasons of any year — the season of creating best-of lists.

At An Inland Voyage, I’m starting off with my top 10 songs of the year.

As a new challenge to myself, I made a podcast version of the countdown so you can hear me in all my awkward, but earnest, glory. I’m no Casey Kasem or Rick Dees just yet, but give it time. Download the podcast here:

I plan on doing some more podcasting for the blog, so I hope you enjoy the first installment.

This way, An Inland Voyage can accompany you on your nightly voyage into the world of sleep or wherever else you may want it to go with you.

I’ve also made a Spotify playlist that collects a bunch of my favorite songs for the year — way beyond the top 10.

Check that out here:

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