Warm In The Winter: Get Your Igloo Dance Party Started Here

These penguins know how to throw a dance party.

We’re going to be spending some time in our igloos these next several days, and it’s important that we all keep it together.

Do not let the mixture of cold and confined spaces get you down.

Rather, this is a time to have your own igloo dance party.

This is what penguins do to maintain their sanity under extreme conditions. You’ve never heard that? Check out the photo to your left for the hard evidence.

I suggest you get things started with Glass Candy’s “Warm in the Winter.” It’s a perfect song to set a positive atmosphere. Turn it up loud for maximum effect.

Love is in the air… love is in the air

We’re warm in the winter

Sunny on the inside

Love is in the air

I’m crazy like a monkey

Ee ee / Oo oo!

Happy like a new year

Yeah yeah / Woo hoo!

See. You’re feeling warmer already.

Next, you might want to join French Horn Rebellion and Savoir Adore at “The Fire.”

Yeah, you’re getting the hang of this.

You’re ready for your Igloo Dance Party 2014. Configure the playlist as needed.

Don’t stop because the temperature drops. You’ve got to keep going until you’re hot.



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