From Yankton Post Office To Grand-Chateau? Some Background On The Purchase Of The Downtown Landmark

The Yankton Post Office has been purchased by U.S. Property and you’re probably curious about what the company plans to do with the historic structure.

First, you should probably read my story in the Press & Dakotan to get up to speed:

The former downtown Yankton post office could have a future as the Grand-Chateau, according to its new owner.
“We think that’s the name we’re going to call it,” Monte Froehlich, chief executive officer of U.S. Property, told the Press & Dakotan Wednesday. “We feel really strongly about putting apartments in there. We’re just starting on the design process. We’d like to see a mixed-use building with commercial on the main level. A lot of that will depend on what Yankton needs and if there is commercial demand for the space.”
U.S. Property, a commercial real estate firm based in Lincoln, Neb., purchased the post office under the name Grand-Chateau, LLC, for $206,000 after winning a competitive bidding process overseen by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).

Read the rest of the story here.

It’s actually pretty easy to imagine what U.S. Property might do with the post office because about 10 years ago the firm renovated a Lincoln post office/federal court building that was built at the exact same time — 1904.

It’s now called the Grand Manse:


And check this out:


Beautiful, isn’t it?

The Grand Manse site can be found here.

Also, the Lincoln Journal-Star did a story on the project that can be read here.

Now, it’s difficult to say how the Yankton project will compare to the Lincoln one. After all, Lincoln is a much larger market.

However, the new owners have said they are looking into the possibility of a coffee shop and other commercial uses on the main level.

Wouldn’t it be great if the post office once again assumed its former role as a social hub for the downtown? I couldn’t even tell you how many conversations I had over the years in front of that building with people coming and going. I miss that activity outside the Press & Dakotan door and would love to see it return. I’m guessing I’m not alone in that desire.

If you have any ideas for commercial uses/tenants in the Yankton post office, U.S. Property is inviting the public to share ideas. Visit their site here.

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