(Want) I Hope You Do, Too


“Islands” by Brad Kunkle. Find out more about the artist at bradkunkle.com.

It’s a little better.

It’s like the clouds have begun to clear.

I can see.

I can see you. And what you are. What we are.

It’s not just happenstance.

We worked for this.

When the foundations began to crumble, we held each other up. We put the bricks back in place.

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever built, this alchemy of you and me. I expect you’d say the same.

Between the laughing, the crying, the anger and the optimism, there is that something that science can’t explain.

But we know it’s ours. It’s as rare as our DNA.

I’ve said “love” and forgotten what it meant. I know you have, too.

Sometimes it’s just the easiest way to end a conversation.

But when we feel the weight of that word, it’s unlike anything.

It wraps itself around us and squeezes the breath from our lungs.

It’s in those moments that we know what we have is real.

So forgive me when I close my eyes and my heart goes to sleep.

Forgive me when I fail to remember these important things.

It all comes back when you’ve the patience to remind me.

Patience has always been your specialty.

I know what you’ve done, why you’ve brought me here.

And, yes, the clouds have begun to part and some light is showing through.

I’ve just had a hard time understanding everything lately. I can’t put it all together.

But I can listen. I will listen. I’ll try to understand.

With your help, I can be myself again. We can be us again.

We’ll put this dark patch behind us. Everything we’ve worked for will still stand.

That’s what I want. I hope you do, too.

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