With Your Arms Outstretched


“Engloutis No. 49” by Rafael Sottolichio. Find out more about the artist at http://www.rafaelsottolichio.com/.

With your arms outstretched, you attempt to sing me to sleep.
I won’t listen. I can’t listen. Too many things to think.
But you don’t stop. You sing so believably. Like it could only be for me.
I haven’t slept with a soul as old as yours, as soft around the corners. But I know. I know what awaits.
Those sad spirits in my heart go right to my dreams. They call for me incessantly.
Please keep trying. I want you to try for me.
Do this, and I won’t ask for another thing.
I want to wake with you, within you. I want to know a different day.
Tell me when … Tell me when … It’s safe to fall.
Keep your arms outstretched, and I’ll trust you to catch me.
I may just be a shadow at first with this slow descent.
Sooner or later, I’ll end up with you. I want to believe I’ll end up with you.

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