‘We Rose From Mud, From Muck, From Yoke’


“We Rose From Mud, From Muck, From Yoke” was inspired by the above painting by Susan Siegel called “In Pink.” To learn more about the artist, visit http://susanlsiegel.com/.

We locked hands and stood alone as chaos obliterated our prairie home.
It was to you I looked for a pattern, a peace to call my own.
The fields they shook, and the men crawled near.
The golden sky darkened, and they ripped up the roots that we had shared.
I know how you look tonight, pink and statuesque and full of might —
It won’t last. It can’t. And that fills me with dread.
Order is made to be overturned — we know that better than anyone.
We rose from mud, from muck and the yoke.
Now they’re back to claim us again, and there’s no place to go.
We succeeded where they had failed. We cultivated life and lived it, too.
We remained close to our beginnings, because we saw how distance encouraged fear.
Of course, our caution was a noble affair.
But it was naive and nothing compared to the world out there.
This is where we begin sinking, begin drowning in our grave.
And if I may, I’d like to kiss you now before the bottom drops out.
We’ll be returned to the mud, the muck and the yoke.
But our souls will be clean and our spirits will wander.
I will listen for your call as their loud curses sour the silence.
I will love you forever with an ache and a longing for your kindness.

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