I’m Seeing Things Differently

It’s not often that I post a commercial.

Who am I kidding?

When is the last time I posted a commercial on this blog? If I have, I don’t remember it.

But not every commercial stars Jeff Goldblum and was directed by Tim and Eric, my favorite comedic duo in the world. (Have you been watching their creepy new Adult Swim series “Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories?” Come on, get with it!)

“Now that I can control my lighting, I’m seeing things differently.”

Yes, this is the kind of weird commercial product that ONLY Tim and Eric could make. And GE paid for it. Perhaps they’ve seen the light?

Did I mention the commercial co-stars Rang?

Praise Rang.

Yes, you’re still on planet Earth and not in the Twilight Zone.

OK, now back to your boring regular programming …

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