Down Home Nebraska — A Short Film On My Family Farm

When I tell people I grew up on a farm and still go there to lend a hand, I am often greeted with a skeptical look.

“I can’t picture you on a farm.”

I’m not sure how to take those reactions.

I think in some cases, people don’t believe I’m equipped for farm life — that I don’t have the inclination for it. Well, that’s partly true. I recognize that about myself, which is why I didn’t try to make a career of it.

But, hey, I enjoy helping out and can hold my own with any tough-as-nails farmer guy or gal.

Judging from where a calf decided to kick me last spring, I may be nuts for doing so. Ha. (Don’t worry, I, and all my appendages, were perfectly all right after the photo below was taken. I just hope I’ve now earned your respect. :))

NathanCalfKickBalls2014-05-26On another level, I think people who know me as an enthusiast of film, music and progressive ideas, question how a farm kid could end up like me. After all, aren’t farming communities always culturally starved conservative thought bubbles? Not necessarily. The beauty about farm life was that I got to read a lot and was always attracted to things on the fringe. “College music.” Independent films. The paranormal. Comic books. I read and consumed culture non-stop. And then the Internet revolutionized the channels of information available to me. If you always had your eyes and ears open, information about things far outside your daily experience were available even in a small rural community.

So that’s how I became me.

However, the point of this post wasn’t really supposed to be me. The goal was actually to share this video of farm life that I cobbled together from footage taken during an October afternoon. It stars my dad and two uncles; the farm dog, Lassie; and many cattle. It might give you an idea of why the family farm is so special to me.


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