Three New Music Documentaries You Should Be Watching Right Now

I often find that silence is unlistenable.

I want the chatter of the human voice. I want instruments to play.

My mind opens in their company.

So I let them enter, I let them breathe.

My cathedral is full of echoes as they perform sacred ceremonies …

Nick Cave: “Mostly I write. Tapping and scratching away, day and night sometimes. But if I ever stopped for long enough to question what I’m actually doing — the why of it — well I couldn’t really tell you … I don’t know. It’s a world I’m creating, a world full of monsters and heroes, good guys and bad guys. It’s an absurd, crazy, violent world where people rage away and God actually exists.

Jarvis Cocker: “The great thing is, nothing is going on at all. You get to lose yourself a bit …”

Depeche Mode fans: “It’s my religion … It’s the soundtrack of my life … Depeche Mode means to me everything …”

I had the unintentional pleasure recently of watching the three above documentaries on consecutive days.

It was a revealing journey into the souls of three very different musical legends in a short period of time.

If you’re looking to go higher, I recommend the same dosage. There is no danger of an overdose, but the comedown can be rough.

If you find yourself losing control, simply fire up these docs again.

Push the sky away and take a tour of the stars.

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