Cold Comfort: The Unexpected Burden Of A Comfy Bed

Have you ever had trouble sleeping because your bed was too comfortable?
I was unprepared for this strange conundrum when I inherited a new bed from my parents.
The previous bed had been my nightly resting place in childhood and had endured much during the course of my life. However, the secrets that loyal mattress keeps will soon go up in flames.
In its place now lies a new model of glorious comfort.
I greet it every evening with a sigh of relief and excitement.
“You are so warm and comfy!”
However, my sleep upon this bed has not been the best of my life.
It stems from a little concern nesting in the back of my head: This bed is so comfortable that I know I’m not going to want to get up in the morning. What happens if I’m so ensconced in this cushioned refuge that my brain refuses to wake up?
It is with this nagging thought that I have woken up periodically just to make sure the nightmare (dream?) isn’t true.
“Oh yes, it is only 4 a.m. You haven’t overslept. This bed hasn’t wrapped you like a cocoon into a months-long slumber. Back to sleep … back to sleep …”
And as I’m sure you all know, morning then comes too soon. The relentless gears of the universe grind on and demand that I pay tribute with a yawn, a stretch and a whirlwind of preparation for work …
The burdens I must bear, my friends. The burdens I must so cruelly bear …

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